Fully Ballistic


ArmourD’s Fully Ballistic door designs use long proven, industry leading Vulcan™ ballistic rubber backed by a ballistic plate lining to stop and contain the bullets fired from any civilian handgun, shotgun, or assault rifle. For decades, our Vulcan™ ballistic rubber has been used for law enforcement and military training to ensure safety during live-fire training exercises. Studying the weapons used in the recent rash of school and workplace shootings, these doors would have offered absolute protection to those barricaded behind them.

Our testing shows that ArmourD doors stop 9mm, .45, .223/5.56 FMJ, green tip, hollow point, jacketed hollow point, and 7.62 NATO rounds. This means security for handguns, shotguns, and high-power rifles including AR-15s, AR-10s, and SKS (AK) assault rifles. In short, ArmourD doors will not be penetrable with conventional weapons.

ArmourD’s key technology lies in the use of industry-proven Vulcan™ ballistic rubber. Vulcan™ is a green material, made from recycled tires that would have been in a landfill otherwise. It is fully vulcanized and therefore uses no adhesives.

Vulcan™ products, are made in the USA, and have been used by military and law enforcement professionals around the world to safely simulate scenarios in live-fire shoothouses and indoor target training ranges for many years. ArmourD uses Vulcan™ ballistic rubber because it is the best ballistic rubber on the market with regard to effectiveness, reliability, cost effectiveness, and the environment.